Experimentierfeld is an art initiative that was founded by Rainer Noebauer-Kammerer in 2011. It focuses on art in public space and site-specific projects. Explorative group projects are created through short term residencies in different places. So far, Experimentierfeld has taken place in Tokyo/Japan, Amsterdam/Netherlands, Augsburg/Germany, Innsbruck/Austria, Aarau/Switzerland and Linz/Austria.

The focus of the project lies on the realisation of new, site-specific works and the possibility to present them in a local exhibition. The aim is to promote the exchange between the artists of different countries and cities and to encourage their networking with the local arts and cultural scene. The project series Experimentierfeld is not only an important impulse to promote art work, it also shows the potential of the cultural community to a wide audience – outside the national boarders. The project initiates collaborations between artists and their mutual support. In contrast to the predominantly insular workaday routines of artists, the power of collaborative processes is to be experienced here.